The Board and Executive  Committe of Athena's Gem, Inc., manage and operate the organization on a day to day basis. Members represent a diverse cross section of the community with a collective guiding wisdom to lead the project's activities.

Executive Committee

Joe Schenck

Rob McIntyre

Bob Fairchild

Gene Wright 


Vice President



Professional mediator and business owner

Music educator, Athena Weston schools

Math and science educator, Athena Weston schools

Air Force (retired), Athena Chamber

Board Members at Large

Deborah Hayward

Chris Mayer 

Bill Muilenburg   

Tom Munck 

Sam Pambrun

Paul Scott 

Lloyd Shank 

Chuck Swanson

Taylor Entze

Business owner

EOTC Facility Coordinator (retired),  former city councilor

Mechanic, youth activity volunteer


Umatilla Morrow ESD Curriculum Director ( retired)

Facilities engineer/project manager

Business owner

Mechanic, (retired), Hodaka liaison

Student representative